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RM Type Coilovers

BC Racing’s inverted RAM Type model includes all of the great features from the BR Type model, and then takes everything a notch higher. By using an inverted coilover system, we move the vital damper fluid away from detrimental heat sources to avoid overheating the fluid and causing damper fatigue under extreme conditions. The inverted setup also handles high-G loading better and is much more durable under extended-stress situations, such as a race track. Another advantage is the reduction of unsprung weight by moving the heavy portions to the chassis mounting points. This is a great coilover setup for those looking to attack a road course, hill climb or tarmac rally.

  • Full height adjustability through shock body not spring
  • Full height adjustability through shock body (not spring)
  • Adjustable rear camber plates on certain applications
  • 1 year warranty against manufacturer defect